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When a visitor redeems a coupon and goes to check out, re-display the coupon on the checkout page with the code in prominent text.

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Make the display sticky, so the code is visible when the customer is prompted to enter it. To create a coupon that is relevant and compelling, use what you can learn about your visitors as they navigate and browse through your site. Relevant Offers. As we already mentioned, the true value of a coupon is determined by the consumer and goes beyond mere savings.

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When designing your coupons, you need to stop thinking about just discount rates and expiry periods and start thinking about emotional engagement. Each visitor on your site is there for a reason.

Remember that they may have picked your site over your competition. So make them feel special by recognizing who they are and giving them incentives tailored just for them. One way to do this is by creating customized coupons for each type of visitor entering your site.

Using site statistics, you can target visitors based on past visits, referrers, and even geolocation. First-Time Shoppers. Create a coupon that offers a discount or free shipping to first-time visitors to your site. This is a fantastic way to make new visitors welcome and, hopefully, turn them into return customers.

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Return Customers. Create coupons for first, second, or third-time return customers, letting them know you appreciate their return by offering them a promotion.

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Referrer Traffic. Create a coupon for visitors coming from a particular referrer such as Facebook or Twitter. If a visitor dismisses a coupon, it is often because he or she does not see its immediate value. Persistent Teasers.

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This will allow them to redeem the coupon the minute they realize its value. Clear Calls to Action. Make sure the coupon teaser has a clear call to action e.

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Coupons should be a pleasant surprise offered to the right people at the right time. Here are some ways to prevent coupon fatigue by varying appearance and messaging. Vary the look of your coupons by toggling between lightbox and sidebar display. In order to identify these users, I built a machine learning model to assign probabilities to a product being reordered by specific Instacart users in their next order, based on their past behavior.

So, what did I do to find the users in this sweet spot? And what do we do with this information? For this project I used the Instacart data as available on kaggle. The SQL-database of original features had the following structure:. This represents our target variable. Working with the original data and features, I did a lot of feature engineering and by combining or extracting meaning from the original features to make the most of the available data.

The features created belonged to one of the following three categories:. Given the nature of the problem, being estimating the likelihood a specific users reorders a specific product, the latter category turned out to be most relevant to the prediction. Best football tips for today, bet tips win, bet9ja check coupon betslip, bet9ja mobile fixture, pool fixtures, solutiontipster, pool draw this week, this week pool result.

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