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Year-round availability. Food safety programs in place. Seed varieties selected for sweetness and flavor. Consumers receive safe and healthy products. Extends shelf-life, reduces shrink. Maintains consumer buying patterns. Establishes buyer and consumer confidence.

5 EASY Fruit Sorbets - Dairy Free Summer Desserts!

Great taste builds consumer loyalty. Net Wt 6 oz. Patent pending. Visit: www. Whole Baked Chickens. Sun Supreme Potatoes, Idaho. Always ask for Idaho spuds! Grown in Idaho. American Heart Association Certified: Meets criteria for heart-healthy food. Produce of USA. Ground Beef Sirloin. Chicken Tenders. Dole Idaho Potato Microwave Ready. Double washed. Cooks in wrapper. Oven baked taste in minutes. Baked Whole Grain Wheat Crackers. Whether it's in your own backyard, on your windowsill, or in a plot you share with your neighbors, that's what home farming is all about.

Triscuit is working with Urban Farming to create over 50 community-based home farms across the country. To find tips and to connect with other home farmers, visit triscuit. Triscuit, weave some wonder: At Triscuit, we believe less is more. That's why we bake our crackers with quality ingredients like Soft White Winter Wheat. Soft White Winter Wheat is grown in places like the Great Lakes region of North America by farmers who are skilled in harvesting this crop. We like to think of Soft White Winter Wheat as a kind of cashmere of wheat because of its soft texture and delicious taste.

It's what gives Triscuit its golden color, distinctive crunch and 24 grams of delicious whole grain goodness per serving. This package is sold by weight, not by volume. Packed as full as practicable by modern automatic equipment, it contains full net weight indicated. If it does not appear full when opened, it is because contents have settled during shipping and handling. Cage free. Quality eggs.

One dozen. Grade A. The best to you from Sauders. Fresh From The Start Onions. Cara Cara Red Navel Oranges. An excellent source of vitamin K which promotes healthy bones. Have you tried roasted celery soup Have you tried grilled celery with spicy peanut sauce See our website.

Satisfaction guaranteed. Questions Comments Call us at: Dannon Yogurt, Lowfat, Chocolate. With other natural flavor.

Whole Fruit Organic Frozen Bars Just $0.95 at Publix!

Contains active yogurt cultures including L. Partially produced with genetic engineering. Certified gluten-free. A product of the Danone Group. Dbl Choc Chip Cookies. Breakfast like no other. Specialty bakers since Soft texture. Unbeatable taste. And our heritage of baking wholesome and nutritious breads continues today. Eating foods high in calcium helps kids build healthy bone and teeth as they grow and helps adults replace the calcium loss that naturally occurs as they age.

Vitamin D helps your body absorb calcium more efficiently. Nutrition notes 2 slices. Calcium of 8oz of milk. Good source of Vitamin D. Good source of folic acid. Wonder classic white bread contains mg of calcium per 52g USDA nutrient database for standard reference release Visit our website at www. Shurfresh White Sandwich Bread. Just loafin'! Nothing half baked about our bread! Knead a fun sandwich idea? Visit www.

To download our inspiring recipes visit www.

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Quality guarantee. Bar S Brand Meat Franks. Only the best is branded Bar-S. Satisfaction guaranteed. Quality taste value. America's favorite. Made with chicken, pork added. Smoke flavoring added. Gluten free. Inspected for wholesomeness by U. Department of Agriculture. Armour Premium Hot Dogs. For comments or questions contact us at www. Good source of potassium. Select fresh. America's favorite vegetable. US No.

Get the skinny! Only calories. No fat. Good source of potassium with skin on. Rich in vitamin C. Source: FDA. The healthy potato. Because everyone loves the taste of nutrient-rich potatoes, it's easy to prepare a healthy breakfast, lunch, or dinner that both adults and kids will eat. Potatoes are full of energy-providing carbohydrates, and they don't contain any fat. One serving of a 5. Classified as a vegetable, potatoes help contribute to the minimum goal of eating five servings of fruits and vegetables a day, recommended by the USDA's Food Guide Pyramid of the National Cancer Program recommends increasing consumption of fruits and vegetables to reduce the risk of chronic diseases, such as cancer.

To ask additional questions regarding eating a healthy balanced diet, E-mail the National Potato Promotional Board with any questions and to request a free brochure on potatoes and nutrition. Produce fighting poverty. Fair Food America. For recipes or information go to www. Produce of USA. Ranch Style Original Beans. Appetite pleasin'. Real Western flavor.

Non BPA liner. Net Wt 15 oz g. Ranch Style Beans are made with a delicious blend of spices that creates our unique, bold flavor synonymous with authentic Southwestern cookin'. We think you'll like our Ranch Style Beans with just about anything: Try them the next time you're grilling steaks, making Mexican food, or serving one of your favorite family recipes. Ranch Style Beans are hearty and true! Since , for big, bold taste, there's only been one place: Ranch Style. Questions or Comments, Call Mon. Sunbeam Texas Giant Sandwich Bread.

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Based upon these drawings, Ms. Segner developed the original oil painting that became the Sunbeam trademark. Farmer's Garden Russet Potatoes. French fry. Fat free. Sodium free. Cholesterol free. High in potassium and vitamin C. For recipes and additional information, contact: www. Naturally delicious. Always delicious. Farmer's Garden Cucumbers. Farmer's Garden Green Cabbage. Shurfine Grade A Large Eggs.

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Farmer's Garden Green Bell Peppers. Imperial Margarine Quarters. Good for baking! See nutrition information for fat and saturated fat content. Per 1 tbsp: 70 calories. No partially hydrogenated oils. Questions or comments Please call Pasteurized prepared cheese product. No artificial preservatives or flavors. Always made with milk. See nutrition information for saturated fat and sodium content.

Excellent source of calcium. Yes to the taste you love. Visit us at: kraftheinzcompany. Please have package available. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. If for any reason you're not satisfied, return our product for a full refund. Committed to quality. Shurfresh 8 Ct Enriched Hamburger Buns. US inspected and passed by Department of Agriculture. Try our fruit pies! Keep frozen. Food you love. Armour Original Vienna Sausage. Made with chicken-beef and pork added-in chicken broth. Recyclable aluminum. Questions or comments or armour-star. Farmer's Garden Sweet Yellow Onions. Shurfine Sweet Green Peas.

Farmer's Garden Baker Potatoes. Farmer's Garden Roma Tomatoes. Farmer's Garden Jumbo Avocados. Shurfine Shredded Cheddar Jack Cheese. Shurfine Shredded Mexican Blend Cheese.