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The internet is fast. Everything is great but in my experience, your kind and efficient service is the difference between VMedia and all of the others. Way to go VMedia, I hope you bring a revolution to this monopoly the empires have going. A year in, I'm a satisfied customer who has just upped my speed beginning Nov 1. Keep up the good work! I see no difference from Rogers. Read more. Whole new experience VBox brings to TV viewing is amazing.

YouTube, surfing, email, radio, Netflix, tons of other apps you can download. Appreciate your efforts! VMedia Saved Me! Thank you for giving us an option!

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This is extremely helpful for potential buyers like me who's not really comfortable with getting things done online and prefer the more traditional P2P method. I'll definitely check out the Kiosks once they are ready, can't wait to switch out of Rogers Finally UChoose preview!

Thanks George! VMedia and George really listen to the people keep up the good work and let's have some more choice in this country. Plug in the new modem, get the new router going, and boot up the Vbox which takes a while, but we just leave it on. Picture quality is good, the price is right, and the customer service has been excellent. Only issue is we've been having some Netflix hiccups, but we're on wireless so might have to change that over. I switched to vmedia 4 days ago.

The initial installation was carried on without any hiccups and the speed was good. However after only 2 days of use I completely lost connection. I called customer service and the technician helped me reset the modem and perform some tests. After spending 15 minutes on the phone he told me there was no connection as in the line was down. Why walk me through all those useless steps if the line is down in the first place?

I was told a ticket would be open and looked at in the next 48 hours - and warned that if the problem is on my end I would be charged dollars "piastres" as he said. I would not worry so much in general but after viewing this post I can't say I rest easy. Free installation yes - but you may be charged dollars for an IT ticket if you can't prove the problem is not on your side.

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I was given a pending date for a technician to show up and was told the modem and tv box would be sent in the mail. A week after signing up I received a phone call from Telus confirming the install date and on the day the technician was suppose to show up I recieved two text messages from Telus saying that a technician would be by that day. I waited all morning for the tech to show up but never did. I then realized that I also haven't recieved the modem and tv box yet. I phoned vmedia and was told they haven't recieved confirmation from Telus for the install date and also they won't send the equipment until they recieved confirmation from Telus.

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I don't understand why Telus would phone and text me confirming the installation date and not confirm with vmedia. Also why hasn't vmedia sent the equipment to me in the mail yet. I was told when I signed up the it would be sent out immediately. After reading several reviews about vmedia, I am starting to believe that I was scammed by them. Hopefully I can recover some of the money they took.

Not impressed at all. Hi Shawn I am very sorry for my late response, I just saw your post.

I unfortunately do not have enough detail to check your account to determine whether you have been properly installed. All we care about is providing you with great affordable services, and have no desire not to give you your full money's worth and more. We only hold off on shipping because we don't want to ship unless we know for certain that the underlying provider will be activating you. In this instance it seems clear that you were inadvertently told by the provider someone would show, when in fact no activation was scheduled, and I am very sorry for any inconvenience that may have caused.

I am assuming no activation was scheduled because we were not informed. This is a rare confusion and if you have not been set up by now to your satisfaction, please let me know and I will make sure you are fully satisfied. Best regards, George. I signed up for the high speed internet last week online, I used the "check availability" lookup, which I have used on other websites and is usually accurate.

My address was accepted and I was able to go through with the order. I was immediately charged, but did not hear back from them for about 5 days and it was to tell me that they can't give me service. My question is if you know you can't give a large number of people service and your crumby lookup doesn't work to filter them out, then why the hell are you charging everyone before you even confirm that they can get service.