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Because someone highlights the deep issues of this country he's a racist or worse? I bought it a few days ago with my audible credit. No regrets. Touches on deep cultural and social issues, yet still highly entertaining. I listened for 8 hours in one setting. Not really. I just cancelled my previous membership a day or two days ago. They let me go through this deal. I just got free membership and I had cancelled my previous free audible 1 week ago. Audible is offering Free 1 Audiobook Credit. Oh no This promotional code can no longer be used.

Sorry, Due to the overwhelming success of this promotion, we've reached our maximum number of rewards. Your local library has a better deal. Sign up for a library card and you can borrow as many books as you want. This is if you already have an account there mine was inactive. You could signup for a free trial and probably still use this. Not sure - you'd have to find out. Also, if you get this deal would you still be eligible for the free day trial? Audible is offering 2 free trial months with code Show Code " hsnaudible ".

You hadn't pay attention on credit card charge for 11 month? The only way to see that you are being billed is through your credit card statement. You cannot cancel it via the Amazon. Very tricky. Had 11 months worth of charges I didn't know about and had them refund it due to this scammy issue.

Be careful with this. Groupon is offering Two-Month Membership to Audible.

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App Login or Register , Deal Alert. Great deal, thank you! By juliayunjie , 1 month ago. By Anonymous, 5 months ago. By wakanpaladin , 5 months ago. You can still sign up for a free trial above if you have not had an Audible membership within the past 12 month By Anonymous, 5 months ago. Is this price available for members only? By Anonymous, 10 months ago. Any books you download will STAY in your account, even if you cancel your membership.

Disclaimer: just make sure you USE your two credits to download your audiobooks before cancelling otherwise you lose those credits. If you buy books with those credits, then cancel, you keep the books forever in your audible cloud library, regardless of your membership being cancelled or not. But you must create a new account and use a new credit card.

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As for the morality of it, well, I leave that to you. Tip 2: occasionally, Audible throws a Three Free Audiobook trial offer. This is better than the 2 Free Trial, obviously, since you get another free audiobook. However, I have not seen the 3 book offer in a while, so it may or may not reappear. If you really want to work the system, you can abuse extend the Audible 2 Free Trial system to get 4 free audible credits for the price of FREE. Again, this offer only works with a unique credit card and only activate for NEW members to Audible.

Audible offers what they call a Great Listen Guarantee. This is an awesome feature which basically guarantees, within reason, you the ability to return any audiobook in your audible library. The way it works is that Audible will refund your audiobook credit which you can then use right away to buy another audiobook with.

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Note that you get refunded the type of payment used. If you used your credit card for a direct purchase, you get your cash refunded. If you used an audiobook credit, you get your credit back in your account to be used again for another book. Tip: Click View Details to view the titles you purchased and how they were purchased either by Credit or Cash. Technically, you are being a bit of a cheap charlie doing this. This comes out to 4 free audiobooks for the price of FREE.

Note, this only works TWO times with the free audiobook trial. I tested it myself and it worked only twice with the trial, giving 4 free audiobooks before they stopped allowing that feature. I actually did test this and I bought 2 audiobooks and was able to make 7 or 8 returns. Make an issue of it and they WILL allow you to return the book or offer you free credit. Audible has the policy where the customer is always right, even if you are clearly in the wrong.

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As you can see, this offer is the cheapest price possible you be able to get for a audible credit via the monthly plan. Or if you are a cheap bastard, work the loophole with the 2 returns as in to get 4 free audiobooks the 3 trick , and THEN take this offer to save on the first 3 months so you get 3 audiobooks for 22 buck only. But I leave it up to you whether you want to return audiobooks you actually like just so you can get your credit back to download more audiobooks.

I doubt Amazon gives them the money when you refund a book. Step 2: Once you click on the cancel membership, you are prompted with another screen to give a reason why you want to cancel. Accept this offer. However, you will still keep all your audible credits at this time and can still access all the audible deals and sales. You can sign up for 30 Days for Free. This equates to 3 free audiobooks over 3 months.

Note that this offer is not available as of Feb It was available last year and I suspect Amazon will occasionally offer it. So keep an eye out for it. Outside of the trial intro offer discounts, you use the absurdity of the Amazon pricing ecosystem to capitalize on some sharp discounts and in some cases, pick up that audible audiobook version much cheaper than you can buy having a membership or buying directly via Audible as a member. Having both the audible version and the book version of the same book let you switch back and forth between the two versions at will, with your progress location saved between each switch so you can continue seamlessly no matter what format.

If you buy a Whispersync for Voice enabled kindle book, you can often get the Audible version as well for a huge discount at the same time — sometimes only a couple dollars. Yea, pretty good deal. Note that sometimes this is NOT cheaper, so you will have to check. You can really save on the audiobook sometimes if you find a steeply discounted kindle version for.

In some cases, you can take advantage of a firesale on the ebook version to really save. You have to factor in buying the kindle book version too, which may range from. So you just have to CHECK to see if this is the best deal, keeping in mind you have to figure in the ebook cost and the narrated version upgrade cost. If you really want, there are people who sell credits on eBay. Now I generally just use overdrive. Not transferable and not quite credits. From what I remember, you get sent promo codes for every book you want.

Edit: went to check it out myself - times have changed and amazon prob cracked down on the old system! Not as convenient as having the books on your account.

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I just took a look over and there is one guy selling 2 credits for your current account for 15 and the rest are for brand new accounts with like credits. If you don't mind switching accounts this seems like a decent way to go. The pre loaded accounts are pretty cheap. The ones I've seen, no. You end up with another account pre-loaded with the credits. Don't think there's a way to move the credits or books to an existing account. If you go to your local library just once, you can get a library card and then you have access to all of tgeir audio books. Sometimes you do have to wait because there are still a certain number of copies that can be checked out.

I've been really happy with it and have found myself listening even more actually. Wow that's really awesome thanks. How does it actually work then?

Do I just get my library card and then go to the library to receive the audiobooks or do I just go online to get them? You can then download or reserve books straight away.