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For someone redeeming the Botox deal, for example, a business might offer them another cosmetic service at a discount during their visit. Cafe Atchafalaya's Jaffe says creating buzz for a business is more important than profit when it comes to daily deals. With inboxes increasingly cluttered with offers from Groupon, LivingSocial and others, and with Google and Facebook readying their own daily deal services, the market for these sites has reached the point of saturation.

Users can vote for deals and charities they'd like to see on FetchPuppy, and businesses have a lot of flexibility in how many deals are sold on the site.

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For example, a deal featuring tickets for the Shakespeare Festival at Tulane University was only a 33 percent off discount, and the site would only sell a maximum of 50 vouchers. I really don't think that's sustainable in the business side, and I don't think it's sustainable on the consumer side, too, because After a while you're kind of numb to it. Although entrepreneurs like Reade see the daily deal site as an opportunity, the popularity of these sites — and couponing culture, in general — might be a bad deal for businesses.

Galvin cautions businesses about the danger of feeding deal-seekers. Others see these sites as predatory, especially with the small businesses that populate the deal sites. Many business owners say the big daily deal sites — and not the businesses — are the ones that win in the end. They post something to a website; there's no effort on their end.

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Invitation Only. RSVP Required. Even plastic surgeons offering minimally invasive liposuction and breast augmentations are offering daily deals. Michael Carter, a non-plastic surgeon physician in Atlanta who offered more than 60 percent off minimally invasive liposuction, said. For Dr. Catherine Foote, a private practice orthodontist in Bryn Mawr, Pa. I hope the people that do come in, enjoy the experience, like the office and tell their friends and family.

But while doctors who enlist the use of discount websites to offer their services see it as a marketing tool, Dr.

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Gilbert Welch, a professor of medicine at Dartmouth, believes consumers should use caution when considering purchasing a health product from a discount site. It's, 'Will I benefit from this? I think people have to be really careful about The consumer needs to be pretty cautious. Welch added that he believed consumers should realize that "the primary interest here is for someone to make money and that may not meet your interest as the patient.

Be more skeptical, and just because the price is lower doesn't mean it's better. Whether there will be more medical procedures offered at discount rates remains to be seen, although some doctors, such as surgeon Carter, think it's going to become more commonplace. So the cosmetic surgeon and plastic surgeons are competing for a smaller group of people who can afford what we provide. All of the physicians agreed that when a consumer is purchasing a discount deal, it is important for them to know who is providing the service, and, as Miller of Northern Virginia did, do a little research on the physician offering the service.

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For this reason, Miller said, she wasn't worried about purchasing her flu vaccine from LivingSocial. All rights reserved. Play Groupon.

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But what about 50 percent off a flu vaccine or bone density test? Mossler said that Groupon has "equally thorough vetting" for deals on other substances such as Dysport and Restylane. You also should research the physician's credentials, says Ellen Marmur, M. She recommends checking manufacturer and medical association websites such as the American Academy of Dermatologists aad.

Look and feel younger for life with these five turn-back-the-clock tricks. When you visit the office for the procedure, don't be shy. Marmur says. And request the product by brand name, to be sure you're treated with the real thing, she adds. Groupons for Botox: Legit or Lethal? Pin FB ellipsis More.